Welcome to Our Studio

Carefully Curated

We strive to create unique designs with top drawer materials at extremely fair price points. Each year, we source large amounts of gemstones to cover designs for now and years to come. When we run across exceptional cuts, quality or something highly unique we try to buy the entire lot to develop that into a signature line for Diana Acuesta Designs. We strive to provide our wonderful customers with something you won't find anywhere else.

Sterling silver and gold-fill form the foundation of most of our designs. At times, we may choose a gorgeous bronze with pinkish undertones or lovely brass elements to add to our designs. We are huge fans of mixed metals to extend compatibility with your other jewelry as well. If stones are part of the design, we try to do that a little differently as well. Perhaps instead of rose quartz we will choose a Madagascar rose quartz for a deeper, prettier pink or we may sub in an African amethyst for that juicy saturated deep purple for which that stone is known. In any case, we try to mix it up and provide our customers with these little differences that add up to a thoughtful design and a happy experience.

***All ear wires will be either sterling silver or gold-fill without exception.